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Founded in 1998 by Professor PhD. Eng. Alexandru Ozunu, the company has established its competences in the environmental protection and emergency situatins domains over a 23-year period of activity, delivering a wide range of services registered in the “National Register of certified experts for the elaboration of environmental studies”:
– Environmental Reports;
– Environmental Impact Assessment Studies;
– Environmental Balance Sheets;
– Site Reports/Environmental Management Reports (Baseline Reports);
– Safety Reports.

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Despre noi
Ocon Ecorisc este o companie de consultanță în domeniul mediului. Înființată în 1998 de către Domnul Profesor Universitar Doctor Inginer Ozunu Alexandru, firma se mândrește cu o experiență pe domeniu de peste 23 de ani, oferind o gamă largă de servicii fiind acreditați pentru a întocmi o varietate de studii de mediu la poziția 4: Raport de Mediu, Raport privind Impactul asupra Mediului, Bilanțul de Mediu, Raport de Amplasament, Raportul privind Situația de Referință, Raport de Securitate.

Our Provided Services

Environmental Studies

a. For obtaining The Environmental Permit
b. For obtaining The Environmental Agreement
c. For obtaining The Environmental Authorisation
d. For obtaining The Integrated Environmental Authorisation

Investigation and risk assessment reports for (potentially) contaminated sites

a. Preliminary investigation report
b. Detailed investigation and risk assessment report
c. Remediation project

Safety reports and risk studies

a. Natural and Technological Risk Assessment Studies
b. Safety Reports
c. Major Accident Prevention Policies
d. Internal Emergency Plans
e. Risk Maps
f. Land-use planning documentation

Fire protection and safety studies

a. Fire safety scenarios
b. Fire Risk Identification and Assessment
c. Response plans
d. Fire protection plans

Studies for obtaining

Water management permits/authorizations

a. Technical documentations elaborated in order to obtain the water management authorisation
b. Technical documentations elaborated in order to obtain the water management permit

Our Clients

Areas of expertise:

1. Extractive industry
2. Energy industry
3. Nuclear industry
4. Production and processing of metals
5. Mining industry
6. Chemical industry
7. Textile, leather, wood and paper industry
8. Infrastructure
9.Other domains


“APELL National Center for Disaster Management” foundation was founded in 2007, at the initiative of Professor PhD. Eng. Alexandru Ozunu. The foundation’s aim is to enhance knowledge, awareness and management in risk prevention and protection, response and mitigation methods and activities, as well as the promotion of environmental policies and strategies implementation, in the context of sustainable development.

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