a. For obtaining The Environmental Permit

The environmental report is developed as a part of the Strategic Environmental Assessment, and is meant to obtain the ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT.


The framework content of the environmental report can be found in Annex 2 of Decision No 1.076 of 8 July 2004 on the procedure for carrying out the environmental assessment of plans and programmes.


The SEA assessment, i.e. the preparation of an Environmental Report can be carried out for types of Plans and Programmes, such as:

– Zonal Urban Plans (PUZ);

– Detail urban plans (PUD);

– General urban plans (PUG);

– Area or county land use plans (PATZ, PATJ); etc.

The environmental report includes the relevant information in the actual plan or program, regarding the environmental impact their implementation could have:

the current state of the environment and its likely evolution if the proposed plan or programme is not implemented, the environmental characteristics of the area likely to be significantly affected, any existing environmental problems, potential significant environmental effects, etc.

Furthermore, the information must be accompanied by graphic parts (maps, graphics, sketches, diagrams), and the report must provide measures for reducing negative consequences and alternatives, including the reasons for choosing one of them.

OCON ECORISC S.R.L. offers consultancy both for the elaboration of the Environmental Report, and for its support in working groups (with authorities and experts from various fields).

b. For obtaining The Environmental Agreement

THE ENVIRONMENTAL AGREEMENT is the regulatory act required for the implementation of a project from an environmental point of view and is used to obtain the Construction Authorisation.

According to the provisions of Law no. 292 / 2018 regarding the assessment of the environmental impact of certain public and private projects, in order to obtain an Environmental Agreement, the following documents must be drawn up and submitted to the competent Environmental Protection Authority:

– Notification, according to Annex 5.A. to the procedure;

– Presentation Memorandum, according to Annex 5.E to the procedure;

– Environmental Impact Assessment Report, according to Annex 4, the information requested by the project manager for the projects subject to environmental impact evaluation and taking into account the requirements of the competent environmental protection authorities.

The Environmental Agreement is valid for the entire duration of the works related to the project for which it was issued, provided there are no modifications.

At the end of the investment, before commissioning, an Environmental Authorisation / Integrated Environmental Authorisation is requested, as needed.

c. For obtaining The Environmental Authorisation

According to the provisions in Annex 1 to the procedure, List of activities to the procedure for issuing the environmental permit of Order No 1798 of 19 November 2007 approving the procedure for issuing the environmental authorisation, the activities mentioned are subject to obtaining the ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION.

Annex 2 for the procedure, in Decree no. 1798 / 2007, presents the contents of the Presentation and Declaration Sheet, elaborated to obtain the Environmental Authorisation.

The beneficiary requests the application of the annual visa in maximum 90 days and respectively minimum 60 days, before the day and month corresponding to the date in which the authorization he holds was issued, according to the provisions of Order no. 1.150 / 2020 regarding the approval of the application of the annual visa for an environmental authorisation / integrated environmental authorisation.

d. For obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorisation

In order to obtain the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORISATION, the beneficiary is required to submit a series of documents, respectively:

Application for the Integrated Environmental Authorisation;

Application form for the Integrated Environmental Authorisation;

Site report (and, if applicable, the Baseline report).

The site report is the study elaborated for obtaining an Integrated Environmental Authorisation, containing information regarding the state of the site, including the pollution state on it, before the commissioning of the activity. 

The Integrated Environmental Authorisation is regulated by:

– Decree no. 818 / 2003 for for approving the procedure to issue the Integrated Environmental Authorisation;

– Law no. 278 / 2013 regarding industrial emissions.

According to art. 22. alignment 2, in Law 278/2013, in the event that, in the course of the activity, relevant hazardous substances are used, produced or emitted, and taking into account the possibility of soil and groundwater contamination at the site of the installation, the operator shall prepare and submit to the competent environmental protection authority responsible for issuing the integrated environmental permit a report on the baseline situation before the installation is put into operation or before the first update of the permit made after the date of entry into force of the law. The baseline report shall contain the information necessary to establish the state of soil and groundwater contamination so that a quantified comparison can be made with their state at the date of definitive cessation of the activity. The competent authority shall require this study to be carried out if necessary.

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