Water management studies
for obtaining permits/authorizations

a. Technical documentations elaborated in order to obtain the water management authorization

THE WATER MANAGEMENT AUTHORIZATION is an important document in the field of water management, aiming to improve water management activities and achieve an adequate level of water protection, according to the provisions of Order no. 891 of 23 July 2019 on the approval of the Procedure and powers for issuing, amending, withdrawing and temporarily suspending water management authorizations, as well as the Regulation on the content of technical documentation subject to authorization.

The water management authorisation is issued after obtaining the water management agreement and is necessary for starting up and continuing an activity.

This act conditions both technically and legally the functioning or exploitation of new objects of interest, built on water or are tied with surface, underground, coastal waters, with beaches near seas, with interior maritime waters, territorial seas, economic exclusive areas and continental plateaus, as well as the functioning and exploitation of current objects of interest.

b. Technical documentations elaborated in order to obtain the water management permit

According to the stipulations of Order 828/25 July 2019 for the approval of the procedure and competencies of release, modification and withdrawal of the water management agreement, including the procedure of evaluation of the impact towards water bodies, of the normative of content of the technical documentation subject to agreement, as well as the content-framework for the study of evaluation of impact on water bodies, the project manager has the obligation to request and obtain THE WATER MANGEMENT AGREEMENT, in the designing of the feasibility study stage, with the purpose of achieving an integrated and efficient protection of water resources, fulfilling the desired environmental goals for surface and underground water bodies and leaving their current state untouched.

The water management agreement is necessary for building over water bodies and conditions both technically and legally the following:

-the financing and/or execution of new investment goals that are about to be built on water bodies or are connected with surface or underground water, including buildings and installations that are being created on the shores of the Black Sea, on the beaches as well as the bottom of inside maritime water or of the territorial sea.

-the development, modernization or refurbishment of technological processes or external installation belonging to consumers of water, for situations in which, until the completion of set goals, there have been no modifications in the stipulations of the water management agreement obtained prior.

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